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Within recent years nearly all diecast model companies presented lots of interesting collectibles. For us collectors it became really not easy to choose which one we would add to our collection first. That's why we will present at this place from time to time model reviews, which should give you some support in finding a decision.

Demag yard crane V70 by HIMOBO

By Carsten Bengs*

Exklusively for MSW Modelle HIMOBO presents the Demag yard crane in a small batch production. HIMOBO created a superior replica of this former yard crane, highly detailed, functional and perfectly made. And even though it is a small model, the V70 is really heavy and massive.

Yard cranes were very popular in the sixties, seventies and also eighties on industrial production plants. This all-rounder had not really much lifting capacity, but it was fully sufficient to conduct various lifting tasks. This Demag V70 was produced at the Wetter/Germany plant, which now belongs to the Terex Corporation.

The original crane was produced by Demag between 1957 until 1977. Other competitors of this crane type were for example the Krupp 3G or 6G with 3 and 6 t lifting capacity or sometime later Liebherr’s LI1012.

It’s lifting capaity was 7 t. HIMOBO perfectly copied the original crane; although the axle does not steer, it easily moves on the surface.

The front outriggers can be extended and lowered by the small screw thread for supporting the crane. On the real crane the outriggers were manually operated, so without hydraulics. Small warning signs and lightings also exist.

The crane’s backside also convinces with some details. Small lightings and the towing hitch can be easily seen, as well as the bumper bar and further warning signs.

Typical for yard cranes is the undercarriage cab, all crane functions were operated from here. The characteristic V70 undercarriage cab also is distinctive on the model. The orginal cab front was made out of acrylic glass for a better all-round visibility. Mirrors and further lightings complete the details here.

The Demag signage is integrated into the backside casting of the counterweight. Also the wheel hubs are correctly copied from the original crane.

Another characteristic feature of the V70 was the hoist winch located inside the undercarriage. By using a small key, it can be operated on the model. The thin rope is running from the winch through two sheaves within the superstructure and then to the boom head. This was also the reason why the V70 was not able to slew endlessly since the rope then would have twisted.

The boom can be extended once; it was also done manually in reality. The routing of the rope inside the boom extension can be clearly seen.

HIMOBO also created a perfect copy of the main hook. The hook can be rotated and the Demag sign is printed on both sides. All sheaves on the crane are single ones and easily rotate.

A size comparison: The Demag V70 beside its modern brother AC40City. In between both, a couple of decades of crane technology passed by.

* Carsten Bengs is an author of the O&K chronical „Orenstein & Koppel – 125 Baumaschinen, Lokomotiven und Traktoren“. He is also writing as a free-lance editor stories about construction die-cast models for the magazines ToyTrucker & Contractor (USA) and TruckModell (D).

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