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Welcome to MSW-Modelle, the online shop for construction machinery models, advertising models and special editions of vehicle models.

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Zubehör Pipelineröhren, auf Holzbalkenlager, Länge: je 190 mm
Zubehör Industrieanlagen Bauteil auf Holzladegestell verzurrt Maße: 85 x 50 mm
Ladung Stahlplattensortiment, 4-teilig verrostet auf Holzbalken Länge: 60/2 x 80/100 mmm
Ladung Stahlbauelement, überlang
Ladung Hallenstahlträger
Ladung .
Ladung Druckregler für Rohrleitungen
Katalog .
Zeitschrift Lastwagen, Baumaschinen und Krane im Modell
Zubehör 6 Arbeitskräfte
Scania R Topline mit
Zeitschrift Lastwagen, Baumaschinen und Krane im Modell
Cat Off Highway Truck Evolution Series (769 & 770)
Komatsu WA900-3
MAN TGX XXL Siloauflieger
Hymer .
Modelle Katalog

MSW Advantages:

  • trading construction machinery scale models since 1994
  • passionate professionals with experience
  • fair prices, expert advice
  • extensive site with a huge catalog
  • diecast model reviews with detailed descriptions
  • live on trade fairs in DE & NL


Here you'll find diecast models and scale models, as well as exclusive collectible and advertising models in special editions and all standard-scales. In addition, we also offer truck- and scale-models in special paintings and decals and an extensive list of accessories for scale-model construction. Be sure to visit our Tops pages with the latest offers.


Using our 3 model finders you can specifically filter and sort our scale models, acceccories and books: Find articles by year, manufacturer, brand, etc. or combine multiple criteria. Among both professionals and enthusiasts, our detailed model reviews are very popular.


Since we are collectors of exceptional construction machinery and vehicle diecast models ourselves, we do not only offer top notch advice and research but also a line of custom model productions. You can find these in the "MSW exclusive" category in our shop. We are also happy to assist you in finding special or rare models.
We ship free of shipping costs: Starting from an order value of 100 € Germany-wide and starting from 150 even European-wide.

Warehouse and Shipping:

In our warehouse we keep many of the offered models ready in stock. This is why we can ship most models within a very short time. For models that are currently not in stock we will keep you up to date on availability and estimated shipping time after you placed your reservation or order until you can hold them in your hands.


All new releases and special offers on our website are updated on a daily basis. In addition, we send our "blue lists" - the MSW-Flyer - to all our interested customers.

We hope you enjoy our service. We're always grateful for comments and suggestions.
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