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Model review

Within recent years nearly all diecast model companies presented lots of interesting collectibles. For us collectors it became really not easy to choose which one we would add to our collection first. That's why we will present at this place from time to time model reviews, which should give you some support in finding a decision.

A famous legend:

Gottwald AMK 1000

By Carsten Bengs*

For many years he was the worlds largest telescopic crane, the legendary Gottwald AMK 1000. Co-developed by the German crane company Riga, the crane went via Breuer and Long Hook to Chisun, where it is still in use.
About 27 years after the presentation in 1985 YCC ventures this ambitious project. And despite of having some infancy issues, the model is really impressive with an amazing level of details.
YCC created a superior model of the most legendary crane which is simply nice looking. Although there is still space for improvements, the AMK 100 is a milestone in crane models since YCC realized it without an official order. But more infancy issues cannot be accepted.

The crane comes on a 9 axle carrier; all being spring loaded and with a steering unction. Even the Michelin print on the tires is realistically.

The filigree mechanics on all moving parts is incredible.

These details can of course be found also on the 9-axle boom carrier. Unfortunately this one doesn’t exist in reality.

The lifting beams would help during the assembly oft he massive boom.

As in reality booth axle modules can be disconnected from the crane part by using small socket screws and a special tool.

Typical and striking is the famous Gottwald Low-Line undercarriage cab. The small doors can be easily opened; the hinges are relatively compact.

Decals and sign plates are realistically copied as also windscreen wipers, lightings, mirrors and the coolers made of photo etched parts.

Massive outriggers support the crane; bolted from underneath and out of sight.

Two stable bolts on each outrigger provide great stability. Small magnets within the bolts keep them always in position. Small hydraulic hoses complete the details.

On the superstructure small hydraulic tubes and hoses are routed along the base boom to the connection points where they are connected with the main boom. These would provide hydraulic oil to extend the boom.

A small magnet connects the hoses with its connection points safely  - really a great detail.

The massive boom is connected with the base boom by bolts, running in permanently connected frames. A small pin enables us to move the bolts within the frame. This bolt system is unique and also great, but here YCC has room for improvements since some of the bolts including the frame were lying loose within the box; with a drop of superglue this could be fixed.

YCC also used a great system to infinitely adjust the boom angle. The hydraulic cylinders come equipped with small headless screws, easily adjustable by the included tool.

The same type of bolts is used also on connecting the counterweight frame with the superstructure. The counterweight consists of 7 parts.

Really remarkable is the counterweight assembly by fully realistic bolts, which include a handle – absolutely authentic.

But some of the connection eyes needed to be widened on the model since they were not completely fitting.

Gottwald developed the typical HPC boom profile to achieve high lifting capacities. Originally the AMK 1000 was presented as the 800 t crane AMK 800 and then the maximum theoretical lifting capacity could be increased to 1000 t.

Small sheaves on the boom’s upside guide the rope from the hoist winch up to the boom head – a great detail. All are easily moving; additionally the very first one can be folded away during transport.

Small bolts connect all boom sections enabling different boom lengths.

The back sheave on the boom head can also be folded into its working position. A small hydraulic cylinder exists therefore as well as a wind velocity indicator.

All sheaves are made of metal and can easily move, therefore providing a smooth guidance of the crane line. Unfortunately the main winch was heavily moveable during the initial commissioning and need a drop of oil to move smooth.

Nicely YCC provides even three different main hooks with the AMK 1000 model, one 11 sheave hook for 350 t lifting capacity, a 5 sheave hook for 150 t capacity and a hook with only one sheave.

The operator cab can be pivoted from its transport position into the working position. Additionally it can be tilted to avoid an aching neck when working with a long boom. The door can be opened as well and provides a view into the operator station.

The pivoting kinematics is copied realistically.

Even a small sign of the manufacturer “Gottwald” is printed on the superstructure, on the opposite side of the cab.

The AMK 1000 ready to work.

Gottwald AMK 1000 with its smaller brother AMK 46-21…

…and with its boom transporter.

Impressive model while travelling.

Back view with sign plate, warning signs and lighting.

Assembly of the main boom.

The bolts to assemble the outriggers and counterweight. The picture also shows the tool to adjust the main boom angle.

A small cover plate hides the main hoist winch. A small magnet keeps it in place – well done.

*Carsten Bengs is the author of O & K Chronicles "Orenstein & Koppel - 125 machines, locomotives and tractors." As a freelance editor, he regularly reports on construction equipment models in the magazines ToyTrucker & Contractor (United States) and truck model (D).

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