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Model review

Within recent years nearly all diecast model companies presented lots of interesting collectibles. For us collectors it became really not easy to choose which one we would add to our collection first. That's why we will present at this place from time to time model reviews, which should give you some support in finding a decision.

Grove GMK 5095 and GMK 4100L:
Two all-new ATs from TWH

Von Carsten Bengs*

 TWH presents us two new All-terrain cranes: the all-new Grove GMK 5095 und GMK 4100. Both are extremely detailed and do not leave nothing to be desired.

Here I will review these two, while the GMK 4100 comes in Wiesbauer livery. Beside of the standard Grove colors, TWH offer the cranes also in some other liveries as for example MSG or Bäumer.

GMK is an abbreviation for the German words of “Grove mobile crane”; originally it came up when the former Krupp crane line was re-named from “GMT” in “KMK – Krupp mobile crane”. Grove took over this crane business and so this crane line still continues improved under the Grove GMK name.

Details at its best

Both models run on a four and a five axle chassis, which are highly detailed. All axles can be steered and additionally feature a single wheel spring activation. Just give a slight press onto the cab and you can see this mechanism! It is a unique feature of Grove cranes that every single wheel is spring activated. Grove calls this “Megatrak”; this system was first introduced on the former Krupp AT crane range. A full set of hydraulic hoses is completing both undercarriages. So I really appreciate it that this special feature is also copied on these models.

The typical superior level of details we know from TWH continues also on the superstructure. The cab can be tilted backwards and comes equipped with wipers, lightings and even an identification plate. The counterweight on both GMK’s looks like one unit and cannot been simply disassembled. However, it is not one single casting but consists of different parts on both cranes.

 Let’s have now a look on the boom systems. Each boom system has one main element and 6 sections, which can be fully extended to a length of 1.1 m and with jib extension the models have a height of 1.4 m! In reality this would be a height of approx. 80 m. The jib extension is also very interesting and features TWH’s level of high details as well. A small hydraulic cylinder adjusts the angle of it. In reality the crane then could reach far over a building’s corner.

Great warning signs

One typical feature of TWH models is the great decaling with all kind of different warning signs. You can find nearly every sign as on the real crane! Even positioning marks on the outriggers are clearly readable. An additional hazard sign would warn of danger caused by the boom cylinder. Really fantastic!

Surprisingly a special plate gives hints of how to hoist loads. It is hard to read due to the small size but I really like this detail! This kind of details currently only TWH provides.


All in all TWH again presented highly detailed crane models with an amazing level of small items providing a much more realistic and authentic impression of the real cranes.
Really a great addition to the crane collection at home!

The all-new AT crane model of Grove’s 100 ton crane GMK 4100L, shown here in Wiesbauer livery.
The whole branding was arranged with an amazing level of accuracy, even phone numbers of some locations in Germany can be seen on the cab.

Grove GMK 4100L in transport configuration.
A small clamp fixes the hook block to the crane undercarriage.

The outriggers come equipped with small position marks.
You can also easily see the pistons instead of a visible screw thread. This really looks great.

Highly detailed drive train with spring activation, hoses and steering axles.

The undercarriage behind the cab is highly detailed as well.
You can see for example air filter, fuel tank and filling plug.

The front cab features mirrors, windscreen wipers and even a small fire extinguisher is available in both cabs.
But one feature is really amazing and I found it only by chance when I had a close look into the cab: There are two seat belts on both seats!!!
Really fantastic!

One amazing detail I really enjoy on TWH crane models: they feature also a full set of hydraulic hoses on the complete superstructure. These are running to the winches, the slew motors and also to the boom cylinder.

All hoses even are routed to the boom cylinder.

The set of hoses is routed to the inside uppercarriage. And even hoses to the rotor in between the slewing ring exist!
Really well done!
Central lubrication system and lightings are indicated as well.

The boom head with warning signs and guiding pins for the rope. Unfortunately the sheave is one single piece and not separate sheaves as in reality.

GMK 5095 during traveling

After the crane is fully supported by all outriggers, the boom hoists and the load hook can be disconnected from its traveling position.

The crane model during work...

...and with jib.
TWH also provides a great solution when no jib is assembled.
In this case two small pins fix the jib sideways to the boom where it is located safely.
A special jib for working within halls is integrated into this extension. If you remove the front part you can also show this jib variation. Really a great solution.

Warning signs on the uppercarriage are easily readable.

The arrangement of the undercarriage behind the cab is indicated very well. Even a small toolbox exists and can be opened!

Also the drive train of the five axle GMK 5095 is copied very well. Cardan shaft and wheel suspension are well copied and even a full set of hoses is routed also on this model.

Although not obvious, the counterweight is removable by carefully undoing two screws on the underside.
This would provide a much more authentic view of the model when showing it in a traveling mode or displaying the crane carrying out self-ballasting.
All counterweight plates have small eyes where you can connect some lifting ropes when displaying the crane while taking up the counterweight.

The hook blocks of both GMK’s are also very well done with single sheaves and a nice feature to connect it to the hook block: a small screwed rope clamp.
Here I have a little advice, especially for the GMK’s: All models made in China from all manufacturers use thread, which is twisting in itself. This looks not authentic so I exchanged all ropes on all my crane models from China.
MSW Modelle offers thread, which is very flexible and not twisting. I really can recommend to exchange the original thread by this type from Norbert Mietz.

The outrigger beams and pads are made of zinc on both cranes; the beams themselves are single castings on the GMK 5095 and so do not replicate the two-stage nature of the real outriggers. This is the same on the older GMK 5130 model also.
Warning signs and positioning marks also exist on this crane.

In order to ensure an easy changing of the rope lines, I recommend the following:
On my GMK 5130 “Breuer & Wasel” I also knotted a loop to the end of the rope end and extended the hole within the clamp.
If I would then guide the rope end with the loop through it and put the loop around one side it is safely fixed and I can easily change the hook from 2 to 3 lines or for displaying the GMK’s with jib.
Since I still need to exchange this on my models I have shown it on the GMK 5130 where I already have done this.

* Carsten Bengs ist Autor der O&K Chronik „Orenstein & Koppel – 125 Baumaschinen, Lokomotiven und Traktoren“. Als freier Redakteur berichtet er regelmäßig über Baumaschinenmodelle in den Magazinen ToyTrucker & Contractor (USA) und TruckModell (D).

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